Thursday, June 13, 2013

calvino + coffee

Well, I'm about two weeks away from my first summer session at Bread Loaf and SO EXCITED. And even though my preparatory reading (above) isn't leaving a lot of time for, well, anything (but in this case making crafties, remodeling my house, and blogging about it), I thought I'd still try and share a bit of what's been filling my days.

Right now, that's the incomparable Italo Calvino... and caffeinated drinks. Cheers.

"The Page of Cups depicts me as I peer into the envelope of myself; 
and I do not look content: it is futile to shake and squeeze, the soul is 
a dry inkwell."

"...and in his dreams now cities light as kites appear, pierced cities like
laces, cities transparent as mosquito netting, cities like leaves' veins,
cities lined like a hand's palm, filigree cities to be seen through their
opaque and fictitious thickness."

"It would not suffice to lose patience, as he soon does. Mr Palomar
goes off along the beach, tense and nervous as when he came, and
even more unsure about everything."

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