Friday, May 3, 2013

shirt into shirtdress, a d.i.y.

Folks, this post contains a bunch of shameless mirror selfies. Fair warning. 

As a self-taught seamstress, my sewing abilities extend only as far as my motivation to make something fit me, so I mainly do a lot of hemming and taking in. This project is kind of an extreme version of those two things.


I found this pretty silk/cotton blouse at my favorite thrift store for $3. Normally I don't pick up items this outsized but I really loved the fabric and all the little lace and embroidery details. So it came home with me and sat atop my sewing pile for a few months until I was inspired by this dress and its light and airy high-low hem. 

My first step was to cut off the sleeves. I was sad to lose them, but they would play an important role later in the process. The shoulders on the blouse were pretty wide and fell naturally into a little cap sleeve: a bonus, since I have no idea how to make a sleeve. 

I stitched up the extra fabric on the sides, keeping the full width of the shirt at the bottom (more of a trapeze than a shirtdress shape), and hemmed the new short sleeves by hand. 

So, at this point the dress was SUPER short. Luckily, I'd saved that fabric from the former long sleeves, which I pieced together into a four-inch hem. (It was a close shave: hardly a scrap was left over!) Then I hemmed the dress with a ribbon edge (inside) to give it as much length as possible.

I'm excited about how this turned out! The dress feels simple but special, and (bonus) it works with a lot of things I already own. As shown. Cue selfies. :) 

Getting my Derby on.

Mwah, dears.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sarah! A compliment from the master! :)

  2. This is super cute! I need to break out my sewing machine again.

    1. Do it! You won't be sorry! Just having it out on my table gives me more ideas.


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