Saturday, May 25, 2013

meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Wow, y'all. I feel like I've REALLY been working the girly angle in my last few posts, which is fine and all, but it's just not the whole story of my spring. Actually most of those sweet little crafties came about because I was covered in sawdust / topsoil / spackling / paint and was desperate to feel like a girl again. 

So, now it's time (à la Paul Harvey)...for the rest of the story. Please join me in a little retrospective: my recent side-by-side projects, in all their hilarious incongruity. (Long post—many photos.)

So, that dainty little "rock, paper, scissors" necklace? I was really just giving my back a break from refinishing the floors one room over while converting our former study into a guest room. (I don't have a great record with drum-sanders, so I decided to do the whole thing with a hand-sander. Oy.)


And the "threaded twig strand," my second Anthro knock-off of the month, took shape between coats of paint in that same room.


Those lavender lemon cookies for the neighbors? Baked while waiting for the paint to dry on some guest-room wall art. 

And I made the sweet little "doily drop" earrings during my overhaul of the guest-room closet (but that project's already been documented).


On Earth Day, a man in a truck dumped about 7 tons of topsoil in our backyard (it was a planned thing). My job was to grade the yard, armed with one shovel and one wheelbarrow (and my wits). Awesome. Especially after it rained for two days straight. 

What better way to cope than to make myself a pretty dress...


...and pose with it in different hats?


And, finally, my upcycled, Derby-themed earrings coincided with two related backyard projects: sawing off large chunks of my deck... build a safer home for my chickens.


You made it to the end of the post! You should get a medal. And, frankly, so should I. :) 

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