Thursday, April 11, 2013

spring baskets

Well, we're about midway between Easter and Earth Day, so I'm covering my celebratory bases with these little "Welcome Spring!" baskets for the neighbors. 

It's been a busy month with new chicks, new garden boxes, and new adventures hosting out-of-towners... but I took last Sunday afternoon to try out this recipe for Meyer lemon curd and this one for lavender lemon cookies, and both were too delicious to keep to myself. 

For the cookies, I used dried lavender buds from last summer's garden and Meyer lemons. Love those Meyer lemons! The lemon curd used up lots of eggs --a bonus around here, since our awesome Bettys are giving us 15-20 a week! 

I picked up an assortment of baskets at my go-to thrift shop (post-Easter sale!) and filled them up with lemony goodness and wildflower seeds. Happy, happy spring!

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