Tuesday, February 12, 2013

d.i.y. anthro: rock, paper, scissors

I won't lie. When I heard that Anthropologie mailed these cuties to its favorite customers, I was... pretty jealous. I get it: I'm no high roller when it comes to shopping there, so I'll likely never be a darling on Anthro's mailing list for surprise perks.

Still. I really wanted the necklace. 

So I combed my go-to craft and thrift stores for the just right pieces and assembled one my-OWN-self. Now, even if I don't have Anthropologie's love and approval... at least I've got the necklace. Enjoy the silent tutorial.





  1. I agree with Barb. Yours is prettier!

  2. can you tell me where you got supplies for this? God chain and how to make the mini paper?

  3. Hi, Leticia. Thanks for asking! I picked up the necklace chain and scissors charm secondhand at a couple of thrift stores here in Louisville. The other supplies (paper, pliers, jewelry findings, tiny hole punch) were from a regular craft store (Hobby Lobby?). For the mini paper, I found scrapbooking paper in that pattern, cut out a tiny rectangle, and punched three holes in it with a teeny tiny hole punch (Martha Stewart brand). Hope this is helpful! Cheers.


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