Saturday, September 29, 2012

good news, bad news

So, this happened.

This, actually, was not one of my crazy demolition projects. This was a not-so-minor domestic catastrophe which has kicked off a new phase in our home renovation called The Professionals Can Take it from Here.

Bad News first:
- Hailstorms do a number on 20-year-old roofs.
- Sneaky leaks lead to heavy, soggy drywall ceilings.
- Which collapse without warning and at the worst possible times.
- Also, it's been a rainy few days.
- There's nothing quite like the sound of a steady stream of falling water into a 5-gallon bucket in the corner while you're lesson planning at the kitchen table at 6am.

Good News:
- Insurance!
- We're getting a new ceiling and a pretty new roof (before-and-afters to come).
- Some much-needed exterior work will (finally) get done around here: new siding, paint, storm doors, gutters...
- We're going green(er) with rain barrels to collect water for our garden!
- Someone else (who is not me and who has done this before) will be completing all this work.
- I will be documenting the project from the backyard, sipping a homemade pumpkin latte and enjoying the lovely fall weather with the Bettys, instead of from within ever-accumulating layers of sawdust and self-doubt.


  1. Could you please tell me if it is possible to subscribe to your blog by email? I just discovered you & love it.

    1. Thanks, girl! Let me look into it, and I will let you know!

    2. Okay... got it! You can now follow via email (see box to the right). Thanks for reaching out, I'm excited to have you as a visitor! Love, Kristen


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