Monday, August 20, 2012

le bracelet '92

Seen on Pinterest.

My fourth-grade self has a major crush on this necklace. I mean, seed beads? Floral sprays? Clearly this was created with my kitten-sweatshirt / stirrup-pant / Keds phase in mind.

So, my own version ended up as a bracelet because a) I've been doing a lot of necklaces, and b) hand stitching each bead individually with the even-count peyote stitch took for-like-ever. Luckily, the entire second season of Sherlock was available at the time.

I guess this is really more of a pictorial than a tutorial, since I didn't get photos of every step --which happened partly because I was distracted by the awesome and partly because, seriously, it took forever.  



  1. Stumbled across your blog from EA- what an amazing bracelet!!

    xo Rome of two boroughs

    1. Thanks, romanie! Welcome, and thanks for saying hi!


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