Monday, August 6, 2012

i'm a little tea-pod caddy

Note: this tutorial is for the tea-pod caddy (left). Instructions for individual pods can be found here
Many thanks to sweet friend The Germantown Honeyhound for having a birthday so momentous that I had to elevate my crafting to the occasion. I hope you like your tea! 

A couple other items: I changed my mind about that extra tab between photos 2 and 3 below. Also, the pods are stuck on with double-sided tape ...and sometimes a cat just decides to lie down in the middle of everything. Enjoy this silent tutorial.

Concert interruptus.


  1. Thanks so much for this cute craft! My best friend's tea party themed birthday is this weekend, and now I have the perfect favors to contribute. =)

    1. Perfect! You're totally welcome, Kaity. Thanks for saying hello. :)


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