Thursday, July 19, 2012

simple chevron necklace

I've been seeing a lot of "trade-bead" jewelry on Pinterest, made with cute, zig-zaggy beads (which are about as trend-tastic as I plan to get here in The Year of the Chevron). So, with my sis in town, I rooted out an old, forgotten envelope of these geometric beauties, purchased at a Ren Faire years ago (guilty as charged). They can also be found here on EtsyDonning our madrigal gowns, Dignity intact, we strung together a couple of simple slider necklaces the morning before she left for home.


  1. very cute and simple! I like it!


  2. I like idea of stringing these on a simple chain- pretty! And I just looked back through your beautiful images from Montreal- where I live- and it's a nice reminder of the pretty things you forget to look at in your own town! The Mile End area is spectacular- grew up there and wish I still lived close by!

    1. Thank you! We just loved Montreal! We chose to visit kind of on a whim, but we're already talking about going back. :)


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