Tuesday, July 10, 2012

la vie en rose

I've been thinking about how memories group themselves out of order sometimes, composing a history that ends up feeling truer than anything a timeline could reflect... So, M & I just returned from eight lovely days in Montreal and Quebec City with many moments and sights to share. But instead of ordering our photos into a daily diary, I've grouped them loosely by color: red, blue, black, white, green, and -today- pink. It's been interesting, though, to discover that certain colors are composed almost entirely of one day. (I guess some days are just more blue than others.) 

Duly prefaced, please enjoy a few moments looking through my rose-colored glasses. 

1. Afternoon art fair on Rue Sainte-Catherine. 2. Strings of pink balloon-baubles spanned the street for multiple blocks. 3. Cupcakes at Les Glaceurs. 4. One of many attempts to eat my weight in pâtisserie. 5. Little tradition: we hunt down a secondhand Scrabble game in every country we visit. 6. Seriously, it's amazing I didn't return home as a pastry. 7. Found a few favorite childhood books en français (another tradition). 8. Montreal's rental bikes: our transit for the week. 9. Once more those lovely baubles.

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