Saturday, May 5, 2012

still life, suddenly

Achievement unlocked.
So, April was a busy month. We brought home two new Bettys and began our joint beekeeping adventure with the lovely lady of The Germantown Honeyhound. More bittersweetly, I ended the semester with my truly remarkable creative writing students and wrapped up a two-year position with UofL's Axton Reading Series. Missing these already. A lot.

I'm always caught off balance in May: the moment April deadlines quick-dissolve into four months of summer standstill. It's enough to give a girl vertigo, or at least to necessitate a solid week of all-day pajamas whilst catching up on Mad Men, Sherlock, and sundry.
But it won't be long before the voices awake and start shrieking Do something, and I dive into some ridiculously involved project. Last summer it was this. Not quite sure what this year holds: refinishing the sewing room and study floors maybe, or building in some much needed shelving, exposing a brick wall in the kitchen... almost certainly a few minor items like repainting the kitchen and downstairs bath, stripping and repairing the deck, fixing our backyard drainage problem, and building a few more planters and a fence or two.
And the other day M added the truly inspired project of installing a beer tap in our hallway alcove
But not just yet.

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