Sunday, May 13, 2012

d.i.y. anthro: felted soap

"Good poets borrow; great poets steal..." -T.S. Eliot
Anthropologie Felted Soap: $14
Happy Mother's Day! To pamper the mamas in my life, I recreated a couple of these lovelies from Anthro's December 2009 catalog. 

Back in 2009, I was not quite the rabid Anthropologie fangirl here before you, so I didn't actually learn about felted soap until last summer, when I found these and many other felted goodies at a wool festival in Rothenburg
Hair-covered soap?! I'm glad you asked. For the uninitiated, felted soap is the strange yet wonderful pairing of a natural cleanser with a natural exfoliant. As if you needed more incentive, wool's moisture-wicking, antibacterial, and flame-resistant properties ensure that your soap stays dry, clean, and not on fire.
What follows is a short pictorial of the felted-soap-making process I've refined through trial and (a lot of) error. So, felting fanatics (and those of you in the repulsed-yet-strangely-intrigued camp), read on!
Take a soap. This is lavender-scented  goat's milk.
Round off all corners and edges.
Wrap in many layers of 100% wool roving.
Many layers.
Bundle wooly soap into a stocking. Tie securely.
Agitate fibers under warm water (5-10 min). Do not overthink.
Remove from stocking. Brava.

Give to mama.


  1. I'm so glad there's a solution to that flammable soap problem I've been having.


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