Thursday, February 16, 2012

a little light upholstery

I have some big plans involving a couple of thrifted wingbacks, twelve yards of taupe linen and these giant tacks. But, being a newb, I'm making my upholstery foray with this smaller, more manageable and, frankly, cheaper project.

This little chair caught my eye at my go-to thrift shop. It appeared to be someone else's early d.i.y. project, and (on the whole) I liked the choices the original upholster-er made, especially the entomological-themed fabric. Since the chair was thrifted (cue PSA), M inspected it for any real inhabitants of the entomological variety before I got to work on the design choices I didn't so much care about...

Namely: the fuchsia piping and dust ruffle.
The bright fuchsia accents were making the fabric read much pinker than its true color, and they somehow gave it a "nursery chair" vibe, rather than that of "quirky library artifact." And the skirt...le sigh. Sometimes I just don't know about people. 
So the skirt went first, obviously, followed by the arm and back piping. First lesson in upholstering: apparently you can recover an entire piece of furniture without sewing a stich. The arm piping was glued on, and as for the skirt and back...sometimes I think 95% of my d.i.y. efforts involve undoing the work of overzealous staple-gun enthusiasts

Then came the upholstery-tacking (henceforth to be called the blood-sweat-and-temper-tantrums) portion of the floorshow, which mercifully went undocumented.
In the end I was pleased, considering I mainly intended this project as a learning experience. And I did learn a lot. For instance: before beginning this project, I had no idea why a person would choose piping over upholstery tacks. Three days, 300 tacks, and two blood blisters later, I have some idea why a person would choose piping...
But isn't it purty?

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  1. Love it! It's like a makeUNDER! So much cooler now. Thank you so much for sharing Kristen!


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