Thursday, February 16, 2012

a little light upholstery

I have some big plans involving a couple of thrifted wingbacks, twelve yards of taupe linen and these giant tacks. But, being a newb, I'm making my upholstery foray with this smaller, more manageable and, frankly, cheaper project.

This little chair caught my eye at my go-to thrift shop. It appeared to be someone else's early d.i.y. project, and (on the whole) I liked the choices the original upholster-er made, especially the entomological-themed fabric. Since the chair was thrifted (cue PSA), M inspected it for any real inhabitants of the entomological variety before I got to work on the design choices I didn't so much care about...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

january, in sum

Still life with whatnots and winter light.
Took a quiet month away from posting. Spent mornings with Dillard, Handler, Hamby, and many cups of tea. Got my class underway. Celebrated six years married and M's 29th. Pulled down our back fence and met the neighbor behind it. Attended a beekeeping workshop. Made big plans for spring.
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