Wednesday, October 12, 2011

mending wednesday: a cozy collar

Mending Wednesday is back! 
My recent projects have been kind of heavy-duty, so for a change I've been working on something quiet and ladylike and not requiring an air compressor. My original intent was to make a scallop-edged tea towel, but somewhere along the line this cozy little collar took shape instead.
Loving my GIANT cone of Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn.

Pretty button from the button jar.

Secures with a hidden snap.


  1. This is a gorgeous collar, Kristen! Love the scallops.

    Where did you end up finding your dress form?

  2. Thanks, Allison! I don't think it quite disguises the fact that I can still only crochet in a rectangle. :)

    Found the dress form at They're actually having kind of a great sale right now...

  3. Cozy collar indeed! It's really pretty. :)


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