Sunday, November 20, 2011

d.i.y. anthro: mason jar sewing kit

"Good poets borrow, great poets steal..." -T.S. Eliot

Anthropologie's Mason Jar Sewing Kit: $48

It's no secret that I love Anthropologie. Granted, their pretty wares are often beyond my means, but isn't that part of the Anthro appeal?  Like a hard-won skill or a high-maintenance friend: we love them for what they demand from us. We give and give; they take and take. Everyone's happy. Symbiosis.
It's the hand-picked-ness too, isn't it? We're charmed by the collection of odds and ends Anthro has curated for our perusal. And we pay the price --until one sunny September day, whilst considering a $50 jar of basic craft supplies, when we think: wait, I have hands too! 
Hence this post.
Each Christmas, I attend a crazy gift exchange with about 300 d.i.y. ladies, all offering beautiful handmade crafts. This year, I set my heart on gifting these sweet sewing kits, so a couple of months ago I began curating a collection of my own...

Vintage spools.

Odd snippers.

Keepsake thimbles.
I love the clever pincushion lids on Anthro's kits, but I prefer felt to burlap, myself. Plus I've been really curious to try my hand at home-felting (adventures in felting coming soon to a Mending Wednesday near you!), so I made my pincushions from a thrifted wool sweater.

And...assemble! These 16oz Ball jars are my favorites for every use imaginable: gifting, storage (even the occasional jelly). In the end, I'd collected so many sewing goodies on the cheap that I filled my requisite six kits with lots left over!

Project tally:
*jars, $10 (for 8 jars)
*thrifted miscellany, $15
*sweater for felting, $5
*on-hand glue, twine, paper = 6 d.i.y. sewing kits (and then some) for $30


  1. Super cute, that's a great idea for a gift. I really love those thimbles.

  2. Hey, you have an interestin blog with lots of great photos....:)

  3. Thanks, ladies! And welcome, Mary, good to have you!

  4. What a great DIY and will make an awesome gift! Where do you buy those cute little jars for such an affordable price?

  5. Found at Target, in the kitchen gadgets aisle. :)

  6. Great (and super creative) idea! I love all things mason jars:)

  7. I love this idea! And you did such a fantastic job.


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