Sunday, September 18, 2011

{little loves: mid-project picnic}

Day 31: Nearly there. Celebrate!

Thanks to our little renovation project, all the dining furniture spent five weeks locked in the library with our major kitchen appliances and cat, so we took most meals outside or ate picnic style on the half-done floor.  I didn't really mind the change. Remember elementary school, in the last few days before summer, how the regular schedule went out the window and every day felt like a party? Well, manual labor aside, it's been five weeks of that. :)
This particular picnic celebrated a visit from my brother and the last few days of floor-refinishing with coffee and donuts from our favorite shops down the street. Getting excited to "move in" again, use my stove, and redecorate with all the pretty things I've found in the meantime...

Thrifted teacups. 40¢ find!

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