Saturday, September 3, 2011

{1st floor restore, pt. 2}

When last we left our kitchen floor restoration, the project had expanded somewhat...

...into the sunroom! (Day 13)

Though, at the time, it seemed a good idea to divest the entire first floor of linoleum, the sunroom presented several unique problems of its own: splintery plywood, myriad staples, hard tiles tarred directly to the subfloor, and (not least) The Pit of Despair.

Pit of Despair!

Day 15: I was removing baseboard in the northeast corner when my mallet fell through the floor.  Thanks to a secret leak (now repaired), the once solid, 3/4 inch subfloor was reduced to a soft, crumbly mulch inhabited by a family (read: dynasty) of pillbugs.  

Progress halted while I cut out a chunk of subfloor, patched it and realized that, for the past three years, a flimsy layer of linoleum was all that really kept us from plunging through to the chicken coop below. True story.

More (mis?)adventures to come.

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