Saturday, September 3, 2011

{1st floor restore: an interlude}

Previous owners. Loved. Staples.
Days 19-22: All I can say is, thank goodness for Mad Men on Netflix. (And, after those four seasons, for Alfred Hitchcock Presents.)


  1. Just found your blog via Anthroholic's reader outfit posts. I LOVED your outfit on there. The lace top you wore is absolutely gorgeous. Loved it with the green. Made me want to come check out your blog and your style. I'll hopefully be back to read more. Come say "hi" anytime.

    -Courtney from

  2. Courtney, thanks! How sweet! TPL isn't much to do with my wardrobe, I'm afraid... more a mismatched collection of make & do, with an attention span like my own. :) Visited FUN and enjoyed your quotes and crochet projects particularly. That shell-stitched cowl is just lovely. Welcome!


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