Thursday, September 22, 2011

{1st floor restore, pt. 5}

Day 31: All three rooms stained. Commence 72-hour wait... some really great gear.

 Day 35: Four days and four gallons of poly later... last coat applied!

Before-and-afters coming soon!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

{little loves: mid-project picnic}

Day 31: Nearly there. Celebrate!

Thanks to our little renovation project, all the dining furniture spent five weeks locked in the library with our major kitchen appliances and cat, so we took most meals outside or ate picnic style on the half-done floor.  I didn't really mind the change. Remember elementary school, in the last few days before summer, how the regular schedule went out the window and every day felt like a party? Well, manual labor aside, it's been five weeks of that. :)
This particular picnic celebrated a visit from my brother and the last few days of floor-refinishing with coffee and donuts from our favorite shops down the street. Getting excited to "move in" again, use my stove, and redecorate with all the pretty things I've found in the meantime...

Thrifted teacups. 40¢ find!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

{1st floor restore, pt. 3}

Day 22: Having by this time discovered a 15-foot crack in my kitchen floor (and repaired it) and a hole in my sunroom subfloor (and repaired it), I was filled with the sort of unholy fury that can only be assuaged by individually stapling 300 pieces of 3/4-inch oak to the floor. Fortunately for me...

Floor all cut to size and numbered.

...all neat and tidy.

Power stapler! (With amazing, two-inch-staple stapling action!)

Day 23: Kitty celebrates oak floors where once there were none.

More power tools in our future...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

{1st floor restore: an interlude}

Previous owners. Loved. Staples.
Days 19-22: All I can say is, thank goodness for Mad Men on Netflix. (And, after those four seasons, for Alfred Hitchcock Presents.)

{1st floor restore, pt. 2}

When last we left our kitchen floor restoration, the project had expanded somewhat...

...into the sunroom! (Day 13)

Though, at the time, it seemed a good idea to divest the entire first floor of linoleum, the sunroom presented several unique problems of its own: splintery plywood, myriad staples, hard tiles tarred directly to the subfloor, and (not least) The Pit of Despair.

Pit of Despair!

Day 15: I was removing baseboard in the northeast corner when my mallet fell through the floor.  Thanks to a secret leak (now repaired), the once solid, 3/4 inch subfloor was reduced to a soft, crumbly mulch inhabited by a family (read: dynasty) of pillbugs.  

Progress halted while I cut out a chunk of subfloor, patched it and realized that, for the past three years, a flimsy layer of linoleum was all that really kept us from plunging through to the chicken coop below. True story.

More (mis?)adventures to come.

Friday, September 2, 2011

birthday sweets

Had the sweetest day (8/30) thanks to my dear M, who surprised me with a birthday picnic, all arranged and documented by friend and neighbor, Aubrey (of Aubrey Renee Photography), and filled with my favorite things: pink and pennants, Sofia Blanc, mason jars, farmhouses, countryside. Lovely.

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