Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{august garden}

Roots and beans were the theme this month. And, of course, tomatoes. Always tomatoes.

Cherokee Purple and Abraham Lincoln.

Weekly canning necessitated.  Garden Box 3 kept us busy in August!

Five to six quarts a week, now stashed for winter in the cupbord under the stairs.

Butter beans were a welcome addition to our favorite soup recipe. Our bean crop is thriving thanks to the resident Guardian of Garden Box 1, appearing by day in the form of a six-inch mantis...

Shelling beans on a summer evening. Doing my ancestors proud.

September's star crop will almost certainly bjalapeƱo peppers. Tell me your favorite hot pepper recipes and I'll give them a go. Faves to be posted with photos and due credit!


  1. ok, one of my favorite things is soooo simple, but not super healthy: cranberry jalapeno dip. so all it is: cream cheese (usually atleast do a reduced fat, or if I'm bringing it to a party i usually do two blocks: one fat free and one reduced or full, block of cream cheese.) let it soften a bit. then finely chopped jalapenos. seeded of course. usually about 3 or 4 per block of cream cheese....and the weird ingredient: dried cranberries. maybe 2/3 a cup? 3/4? i eyeball it. you can play with the proportions. and put the cranberries in water for about ten minutes to soften them up a bit, then drain them well, and mix all three ingredients together. serve with crackers...i usually do wheat thins. pita chips are good too, but you need a sturdy chip to dip otherwise it breaks off. its really addicting and always a hit at parties! let me know if you try it. :)

  2. Oh, we WILL be making this! Spicy-sweet is one of my favorite combos at the moment.

  3. I have a favorite quinoa salad with corn, black beans, cilantro and diced jalapenos(I use fresh). Add a cumin vinaigrette and chill. It's delicious

  4. That sounds amazing! Quinoa, cilantro and cumin are all favorites here, so you can be sure this will make our menu very soon. Thank you!


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