Monday, July 18, 2011

{1st floor restore, pt. 1}

Day 1: Things were just a little too quiet around here.

My kitchen floor. Where to begin?

We could begin in 1939, when the original builder looked down at new, gorgeous, red oak floors and decided to cover them with a layer of vinyl flooring without first sealing the wood.

We could begin with subsequent owners: the one who updated the floor with snazzy mid-century hard tile, or the one who carpeted --actually carpeted-- the kitchen in orange shag, or the one who built cabinets atop four layers of plywood and linoleum.

We could begin with the duct work that screwed with the subfloor that led to the bulge that led to the crack: the 15-foot, kitchen-to-library Crack of Doom.  Yes, let's begin there.

Crack of Doom!

Pulling up boards the length of the split.

Back together again.

Day 6: Old floor and new.

Two days and many inches of sawdust later, the Crack of Doom is no more.  Next up: adventures in belt sanding!

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