Monday, July 11, 2011

{filmstrip, rothenburg}

Once the LMU conference ended, M and I began taking little day trips out of Munich. The town of Rothenburg, to the northwest, is about three hours by train (and is darling). You half expect to glimpse Märchen characters down the narrow alleys and side streets. 

1. A kleine pub, seen from the top of the city wall. We walked the town perimeter along the medieval wall and saw into everyone's garden.
2. Repurposed Post bike. In Munich, these bikes zipped around us on deliveries, weaving in and out of early morning traffic. In Rothenburg they're planters. A fairly tidy contrast.
3. A Bäckerei near the center of town, specializing in Schneeballen ("snowballs") --what appear to be pastry scraps rolled in a ball, fried, and sugared.
4. Rudi, one gnome among millions.

5. Evening in Rothenburg.
6. In the Grünermarkt, we happened upon a sheep-shearing festival.  The square was filled with stalls selling woolen and felted goods (and, as always, kartoffeln and bier).
7. M with pen of denuded and chilly sheep.
8. In the market square, a group of Rothenburg women sat spinning wool together and chatting about their knitting projects. Wish I could've joined them, but we were due back at the train station before we knew it.

Still more to come...


  1. beautiful! i can't pick a favorite. first i thought yarn, but the pub and gnomes are so cute. it looks like a great trip. i hope your presentation went well, too.

  2. It was a lovely trip, and the conference was great too. I thought of you at the Rothenburg festival! You would love the texture of that yarn.


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