Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Nearing the end of our time in Germany, M and I toured wine country along the Rhine river. We spent two days soaking up gorgeous weather, charming sights and the primary local export...

1. "The vine-clad hills of Bingen, fair Bingen on the Rhine..."  Southernmost stop on our tour of the valley.
2.  Rhineland is wine land! We sampled fifteen local offerings with a "wine carousel" at Bastian's Weingut.
3. Chalk numbers on the carousel matched a numbered photo of the Bacharach hillside. We could see the same vineyards from our table at Bastian's.
4. We packed a picnic with baguette and a bottle of Bastian's (no. 9) and took a riverboat cruise up the Rhine, past castles and little towns to St. Goar, then back to Bacharach.

5. We arrived in Bacharach without a place to spend the night.  Just minutes after we stepped from the train, a tiny little woman, Frau Orth, waylaid us on Mainzstrasse and brought us straight up to a room above her apartment. Next morning, she served us breakfast in her living room.
6. A narrow alleyway on Rosenstrasse.
7.  Dogs everywhere in Bacharach.  Gizmo was basking in the doorway of this cafe until I approached to take his photo. He was friendly, not fierce.
8.  This sweetie was just around the corner from Frau Orth's.

9. Visiting Bacharach felt a little like visiting Hobbiton. No grocery store in town, but there's a butcher's shop, a bakery, and a woman who drives around delivering eggs.
10. We wandered down lovely Rosenstrasse before hiking up to Stahleck Castle, there at the top left.
11. Seen hiking to the castle: the western edge of town with hilly vineyards behind.
12. M and I above Bacharach at Stahleck, a 12th-century castle that is now a youth hostel. When we arrived, a terrible battle was being waged at the city gate. With water bottles. Boys against girls, of course.

Still to come: last day in Munich, Deutschbahn, and beer!

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