Sunday, July 10, 2011

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Beginning today with Munich, I'll run a short pictorial travelogue of M's and my tour through lovely southern Germany. Just some odds and ends --a little fragmented and not at all comprehensive. Serendipitous --like the trip.   

1. Morning of arrival. First Munich purchase: umbrella.
2. Certain indispensable words we learned quickly.  Fortunately, as Sesamstrasse came on each morning at eight, we can now count to ten in Deutsch and sing the hiccup song.
3. One street from our hotel: Fraunhoferstrasse, of the manifold boutiques, antiques, bakeries and cafes. Wandering through our neighborhood, we were perplexed when every street we chose seemed to take us back to Gärtnerplatz. Then we saw it on a map.
4. Exiting the U-Bahn on Saturday morning, having just brought it at Monster Conference, Munich 2011. As the kids say.

5. Seen on Maximilianstrasse.
6. Most unexpectedly, M encountered his own kind at a Marienplatz rally.  (Alternately: That's our hero shot.)
7. Latte macchiato outside Kaffeehaus on Fraunhoferstrasse.  Three coffee shops operated within a block of our hotel. We frequented all three.
8. Tea for breakfast in our room. We awoke each morning at seven to the bells of St. Maximilian's on the corner. Sometimes just a little earlier to a neighborhood trumpet student, practicing scales.

More to come...

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