Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{filmstrip, füssen}

After five busy days in cities and villages, M and I took a train due south to Füssen and spent a peaceful afternoon in the hills edging Switzerland.

1.  Neuschwanstein castle, built in the 19th century by infamous King Ludwig II, who went mad and perished under mysterious circumstances.
2. On the banks of lake Alpsee.
3. Seeing the Alps.
4. Pöllat river valley from a north-facing Neuschwanstein balcony.

5. Alps and Alpsee from a west-facing balcony.
6. Castle and turret.
7. Throne room ceiling.  This was the only room with a Byzantine aesthetic.  Each of the castle's other rooms pays homage to a different Wagner opera.
8. Patrona Bavariae.

Still to come: Austria and more!


  1. I LOVE that I've been to so many of these places. I can just imagine what a wonderful time y'all are having! :)

  2. Are they like you remember? :) We should have tea and reminisce sometime!


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