Monday, July 18, 2011

{filmstrip, die biere!}

If a crucial element seemed missing from previous posts on Deutschland, it's only because the beer deserved a post all its own...

1.  In a Füssen biergarten, the brew named for mad King Ludwig.
2.  Hacker-Pschorr at the Viktualienmarkt, Munich. We had the Weisse (good!) and the Münchner Radler (strange).
3. Brezel (groß), my accompaniment of choice.
4. König Ludwig Dunkel Lager.

5. Rothenburg Biergarten.
6. Tucher Helles Hefeweizen in Rothenburg.
7. Coasters: we saved 'em.
8. Late-night snack: Käse, Äpfeln and Augustiner Bräu München from the corner store.

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