Friday, June 3, 2011

road-trip ricrac scarf

Over Memorial Day weekend, M and I followed the yellow brick road (I-70W) all the way home to Kansas for three lovely days of picnics, reunions and barn kittens.  

Road trips are a perfect excuse to indulge in a little woolgathering (WOD), this time quite literally.  With my borrowed copy of The Happy Hooker (thanks, EJ!), I learned the double-crochet and shell stitches and, by their powers combined, created this little one-skein scarf during the last leg of the trip.  I'm almost sad this little guy will languish on a hook in my closet for the next four months ...almost.


Also, loving my circa 1970 "knitting basket."

Once more, featuring ricracky goodness.


  1. this is such a pretty scarf. have you picked out your next project yet? once i learned to crochet i didn't want to stop.

  2. Thank you! I'm super excited to do more with the shell stitch. I inherited a big batch of my great-grandmother's kitchen linens last week, many of which are edged with her hand-crocheted lace! So inspiring! I'll have to post some pictures up here...


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