Sunday, June 5, 2011

sewing room floor restore, pt. 2

There's gold in them thar hills...

I left you last with the merest teaser of what all that digging was for: lovely, original '39 red oak peeking out from the edge.  Here's what I found a few seconds later:

We've hit bottom.

All clean and purty.

All that's left (for today) is to paint the newly-exposed bottom two inches (two inches!) of baseboard.  This floor (along with the rest) will eventually be sanded and refinished. Another day. For now I'm happy. I'll leave you with the final count on discarded strata of floor: 

Six strata, in order of greatest distance from the earth's core:
carpet, carpet pad, older carpet, tar, tile, staple-riddled plywood.


  1. you did find gold with that lovely hardwood! it's hard to believe someone would deliberately cover that up.

  2. I know... the floors show a little wear, but it looks as though they've been covered up for decades!


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