Saturday, June 4, 2011

sewing room floor restore, pt. 1

Oh, carpet!  You speckled abomination from 1995, your time has come! 

For the past three years, this space has been the locus (and beneficiary) of many creative pursuits. I've painted it a color I love, filled it with things I love...  Nevertheless, for three years I've kept one thing around that I truly, truly hate: the floor. 

I've investigated the edges and vents around the room enough to know that this floor is like seven layer dip.  Since '39, assorted flooring materials have been installed in this room, but none has ever been taken out... like a 72-year-old seven layer dip, comprising polyester loop carpet, polyester shag carpet, tar, adhesive tile, plywood, and probably a layer of wilted iceberg lettuce. Today, it all goes.

 So long carpets one and two.

Tack board and quarter-round, begone!

A promising peek...

More to come... in the meantime, please weigh in on the following: What's a girl to call her creative space?

I've discussed this with several friends on different occasions and we've sort of concluded that none of the names in popular circulation fit our spaces.

"Sewing Room," while sweet and old-fashioned, is mostly a misnomer, since a room facilitates everything from writing to carpentry. "Craft Room" just feels demeaning, and "Studio" is equal parts cold and pretentious. For now, I'm mostly satisfied with "Project Room," but it's kind of a mouthful. Your thoughts? What do you call your creative space?


  1. Ohhhh, that wonderful peacock blue! Jewel-toned walls! Le sigh.

    I like "loft"-y words for rooms like this -- garret, for instance, though undoubtedly a misnomer in this case, makes me think of Jo March mouthing the end of a fountain pen as she dreams up her characters' next misadventure.

    I'm terrible at titles for things. See, for example, my stacks of poetry from age thirteen to the present, untitled to the last haiku. Although... what about titling it according to style rather than what's done therein? Like the Jewel-Box Room or the Peacock Room?

  2. flooring...because my husband is a flooring contractor, these are oh-so-familiar pictures. I can't wait to see your finished project! I keep referring to my space as "the office" b/c it started as my husband's office, but I'm the one who really uses it. I like the style titles Laura offered, though. Is it possible to label accurately such a creative lair where so much just happens, intentional and not? I'm curious to see what you come up with!


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