Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a peck of pickled peppers

Imperial(ist?) units of dry volume, two pecks make a kenning, four a

M and I leave town tomorrow (Deutschland!) and I'm missing my garden already. As a petit bon voyage, I spent the morning canning jalapenos from my four pepper plants (nearest box, third row from left).

Only a handful of peppers were mature, but just enough to fill one half-pint jar. I followed canning steps from this WVU page and found them straightforward and detailed (good for allaying the fears of a novice canner). 

The "blistering" step was my favorite, filling the kitchen with a roasty pepper aroma and giving me an instant craving for nachos, beer and an evening baseball game. At least I'll find one of those items in Germany...

Prepped and ready.

1/2 pint = 1/32 peck.

"Homerkin" happens to be my favorite obsolete unit of measurement. Yours?


  1. Then again, "kenning" might be my fave because of its other meaning...


    ...yes, yes I'm certain it is. :)

  2. Oh yes, I'd go with kenning as well.

    I love to can more than just about anything. Holla at me if you want a canning buddy! :)


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