Monday, May 2, 2011

still life with tea and strawberry pot

Between rain showers this morning, I took my tea out on the picnic table with my newly potted strawberry plant. It's been grey and rainy for days, so I chose a sunny teacup and spent a few minutes sitting still. Not writing (for class or self). Not reading (for class or self). Not planning. Not list-making. Just sitting still.

The past two years haven't contained many just-sitting-still moments. Instead, they've been filled with the exciting busy-ness of grad school and first-time teaching. While, it's true, I haven't loved every moment of it, I've loved many, many moments.  And now that I'm finished with school, I suddenly feel the way I always felt after summer camp, riding home in the backseat, trying to recall the details of a week gone too fast, wondering: did that really happen?

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