Friday, May 20, 2011

party platters, pt. 1

Last weekend, M and I hosted a little gathering to celebrate all the good things about spring 2011: warmer days, sprouting gardens and (yes!) graduation.

As a present to me, M took charge of the menu for the evening.  He hunted down a couple of Melting Pot recipes (delight!): Wisconsin Trio and Dark Chocolate Raspberry (delight! delight!), and he enlisted the help of my parents for day-of prep and cooking.

Thanks to M (x) and Mum and Dad (xx), I had time to make some extra-fancy dishes on which to serve the berries and other tidbits for dipping in the extra-fancy fondue.  So while the fam was melting Butterk√§se and measuring Chambord, I selected a few items from my stash of thrifted goods, some vintage-y saucers and brass candlesticks, and set to work...

Gorilla Glue!

Weighting down candlesticks with classics.

More to come...


  1. This is maybe the cutest idea ever. Consider it shamelessly stolen for a summer project for yours truly.

  2. It's yours! Just know that you will very quickly and cheaply run out of cabinet space... :)


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