Friday, May 6, 2011

little loves: the mail

One of my favorite things about our house is its proximity to a coffee shop, a bakery, a wine shop, and... a post office.  It's true.  Maybe it's the neighborhood fantasy inculcated by hours of Mr. Rogers programming, but when I'm walking to the post office with a letter, it just feels... as things should be.

So I posted out a big batch of letters and such today, including some graduation announcements and (a bit late...) a pair of Mother's Day cards.  I was in the mood for an art project, so I spent the morning making some mixed-media cards for the mamas this year.  Next week, when I'm sure they've reached their intended recipients, I'll post the full write-up.  But as a tie-over, here's last year's crafty Father's Day cards...

Moustache-on-a-stick included.

Creating any art projects of your own?

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