Tuesday, May 3, 2011

garden boxes, year two

Year one.

Last summer I carried out a plan I hatched at the age of ten (as an avid reader of Frances Hodgson Burnett): tending a garden of my very own.  Since that time, life as a student or as a child of the armed forces has been prohibitive: I've had neither time nor terra.  However, last summer the constellations finally aligned in my favor.

Unfortunately, actual planting was delayed by several extenuating circumstances...




Dirt importation.

In mid-June we tossed some seeds on soil haphazardly, expecting nothing.  But in the end our garden was good to us, producing pumpkins, watermelons, peppers, spinach, romaine, carrots, and tomatoes. Tomatoes by the hundreds.

Year one: November.

So, after last summer's surprisingly prolific garden, M and I are looking forward to plotting this year's beds a bit more carefully.  The boxes are weeded, tilled and composted, all ready for seedlings and seeds.

Year two.

These sprouts came up volunteer, as Grandma M says.

What plans are you hatching for spring?

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  1. Your garden looks very promising! I'd love to hop over for a visit sometime.

    ps your blog looks very promising, too. good luck!


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